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  • Member: BurningLeaves
  • Title: Eternal
  • Premiered: 2008-04-04
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    • Daughtry It's Not Over
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  • Comments: I thought this combo would really work and im fairly pleased with the result. The opening and closing song is the instrumental version of the opening to Romeo X Juliet... To really bring that cheese factor home. This was the first video I ever entered into a contest it was voted 'best in show unanimously by the judges of Icon27' (aww) Its a pretty small con so don't let that line fool you into thinking the video is all to outstanding. I don't think it really deserved the award it got and It probably wouldn't have even gotten on the ballet at something larger. Still, it felt quotable to me. But regardless of the size of the con, its still nice that my first entry into the con world took home the highest award there. Something I definitely wasn't expecting for a small, no effects, drama vid though this did take far longer then it should have to complete.

    Helpful Peoples:

    Kariudo, (mp4, countless betas, giving up an entire Saturday to help me out and who is just overwhelmingly awesome ♥)
    Otohiko (for writing a beta where I raped just about every idea offered)
    and the hoards of other editors this video got passed around to like a dirty whore.

    Magix Movie Editor Pro 11, Photoshop, Virtualdub

    Best in Show- Icon27 (0.0wut?)
    Best Romance-ToraCon08

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