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  • Member: tandomgirl
  • Title: UnderGround for Mxfire
  • Premiered: 2008-01-04
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    • David Bowie Underground [Labirynth opening version]
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  • Comments: This is for Mxfire a great amv maker who's always looked at my AMVs and manage to find somethign good about them! and its a really big thing when a compliment is given by such an expert. search em its worth it my new turned favorite is "wallk 500 miles" i think it is lol well i didnt like the AMV at first but now when I look at it, its just awesome!
    lol Mxfire i know or ad least I have an idea that you havent seen Inuyasha i hope this AMV inspires you to see it even more because al though its long *not my type of anime* it is really worth watching. Dont forget to see the other one i made for you too ok? oh wait... i didnt upload it... i could have swore i did ah well i'll get to it eventually in time jsut enjoy this one! yeah!

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