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  • Member: Renaika56
  • Studio: RikaWolf Productions
  • Title: Paralyzed Paralyzer_Neji vs. Hinata
  • Premiered: 2007-11-15
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  • Song:
    • Finger Eleven Paralyzer
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  • Comments: This is probably one of the most popular AMV's on YouTube that I have. I wasn't sure what to catagorize it as, really. Because of the song it seems like a NejixHinata AMV, which I didn't mean to do. But going back and wathing it, I suppose it could be. Has a bit of funny clips in there too, but not many. The reason I picked this song was because:
    - I like it... a lot.
    - Think about it. The way the Hyuuga's fight, it Paralyzes their opponet, right? So when Neji and Hinata fought against each other, the whole "Paralyzed Paralyzer" came into my mind.
    I think my timing was pretty good on it, in my opinion.

    ANIME: Naruto (Shippuuden)
    SONG: Paralyzer
    ARTIST: Finger 11 [Finger Eleven]
    CHARACTERS: Neji and Hinata [no duh...]
    PROGRAM: Vegas Studio 7.0

    YouTube Link (vid on my accout):
    That way, eveyone knows who really made it... XD

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