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  • Member: Deuce Loosely
  • Studio: Deuce Loosely Productions
  • Title: Go Ask Haruhi
  • Premiered: 2008-03-26
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  • Song:
    • Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit
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    Tekkoshocon VI AMV Contest

    RUNNER-UP (Drama)
    Anime Mid Atlantic AMV Contest 2008

    SECOND PLACE out of 15 (Drama)
    NekoCon 11 AMV contest

    WINNER (Drama)
    AICon 2009 AMV contest

    This is actually the second incarnation of this anime / song pairing. The first time through, my creative well ran dry about halfway through. I also realized this song isn't very long and I had only taken clips from the first eight minutes of the episode. There were still too many ideas to express in too little time so I set the entire project down and left it so I'd hopefully come back to it refreshed and with a new vision.

    About four months later, after watching episode 13 again, I realized I was placing Haruhi's fall down the rabbit hole too far into the video and spending too much time introducing the actual theme of the project. I scrapped the entire thing and started over.

    I had decided that quick scenes would keep the viewers' attention better and get more ideas across. Once I had certain elements set in stone as non-negotiable (meaning that the video would fall apart if these things were missing), everything else practically came together on its own.

    I usually try for comedy, but this felt comfortable to me. Once I started rebuilding, it all flowed without the slightest friction. Since Drama is such a crowded AMV contest category, chances are this video may never make it onto a ballot (although I will try anyway). I want this video to be seen and to know what you think.

    Enjoy a classic song set behind a classic anime episode...

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