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  • Member: lilgumba
  • Title: For Yuuhi
  • Premiered: 2003-05-03
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    • Vertical Horizon Everything You Want
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  • Comments: (mini update: I forgot to mention that this was my first true amv that i made. ^_^*)

    This is the first video I have made using Adobe Premiere. The idea to do this video has been in my head since 2001 but I never had the resources to do it until now. It has been submitted to a local anime club and I am waiting to see how it goes. If it goes well I might try ACEN this year but it probably won't get far since I'm a beginner.
    For Yuuhi is about Yuuhi's love for Aya. The Vertical Horizon song Everything You Want was chosen because I believe it explains his feelings towards Aya well. Listen for change ups in the lyrics and that would explain what is going on.
    As far as technical details, I really didn't know that much about Adobe Premiere seeing that this is my first time not using Windows Movie Maker so details might not be that great. Special effects where manly used to try out different things and they just stuck. Only place I actually wanted lip sync was at the end of the song when the chorus changes. Anything else was by accident. I hope you enjoy it . Please leave comments so I can improve my video making.

    I just submitted to ACEN 03 but it probably won't get past the prejudging. We will see though.

    Update update: It didn't make it past prejudging but it's all good. It was a good experiece.

    Another update: I had to estimate the premiere date of this video. I used the date where it was shown at UIUC's japanese animation club since it was earlier than the ACEN entry. It was finished before 4-27-03 though. Oh well. I know better now. -_-

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