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  • Member: simofc90
  • Title: 999 TECHNOLOGY
  • Premiered: 2008-03-16
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    • The Dø On my shoulders
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  • Comments: Here's my latest amv. Well, actually that's just saying, as 999 Technology was my entry for my match vs my friend Dn@ (head of the soul's team) at the "Online Tournament of AMVs by Fantasy Movies"
    . After 2 months of wait, we had the results and I won the match, so that now I'm in the next round.
    Now, that aside, let's talk about the video itself: in 999T I had fun making effects that could link a scene to another, so various screens of pale cocoon were edited to better change the scenes to amazing nuts, along with various zooms, transition etc...
    Actually, as I don't like the song, that was imposed, I don't like very much this amv neither... but I hope that you'll enjoy it anyway.
    The actual name of the artist is The Dø, but I made a mistake in the video entry.

    Here there are the comments of the judges:

    *Simofc90 – 999 Technology (4 Pts).

    + Editing globally tight, well organized that almost lets you forget the music.
    + Good scene changes with the change in the rhythm of the song.
    + Some invented sync well done.
    + Video quality and widescreen.
    + End of the clip very well done. Usually the endings tend to be boring.
    + The clip globally fits the flow.
    - Some of the cuts are too long.
    - Lacks a bit of originality in some of the pale cocoon scenes (gives the impression of already seen)

    Globally a good video, edited and with a good atmosphere. Sadly, some of the scenes were too long. Lacks a bit of originality on some pale cocoon scenes (beats on the keyboard and whatnot are overused), but it's well edited and good overall.

    Second Place "Action" at Aniventure 2008

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