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  • Member: Thamaker
  • Title: Evil Shogouki
  • Premiered: 2008-03-15
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    • resident evil movie main theme marylin manson Main theme song
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  • Comments: 3rd EVA clip, this time something completly different from what i've been doing. Previous amv's of mine were just random fights with lots of action in it. This one is an instrumental using a song that i've always liked, and after listenning to it a couple of times in a row, I thought that it fited the world of NGE very well, at least it has the horror feeling in it :P

    Anyways, this amv is about the turning point in shinji's life, to become an Eva pilot. Without knowing the consequences of this new life, he chooses to pilot an Eva to protect the ones he cares about, although only Gendo, Rei and Shinji shows up, I think the idea of protecting people is present. Also I really wanted to focus on what was an Eva. Just a fighting machine used by humans to protect mankind or a killing machine that ravages everything in it's path when it goes berserk. That's when Shinji founds imself trapped inside the nightmare of being an Eva pilot. Where all hope is lost.

    That was some lame storytelling I know, but don't let that disappoint you ^_^

    Basic editing program like Sony Vegas, VirtualDubMod for final rendering and Photoshop for the wallpaper, the usual.

    What else can I say? If you are an NGE fan and you like evil-bloodthristy-machines then, this amv is for you ^_^ enjoy.

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