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  • Member: ihavethedeathnote
  • Title: A Promise I Will Remeber
  • Premiered: 2008-03-08
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    • AFI Prelude 12/21
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  • Comments: There is 2 boys that fall in love there names are sora and riku. they end up going to catle oblivin and sora meets a hooded guy and gives him a letter (card). He finds riku on one of the floors in the castle and gives a charm. Sora picks it up on the ground and Riku dies in front of him. Sora and his rage find all the Organization member that are in the castle and defeats them until he see Axel. Axel tells him to take his hand and to meet a girl he will fall in love with him. He sees the girl and he falls in love with her. He forgets about riku and trys to give her the charmbut she rejects him and falls a sleep in a capsel. When he wakes up he remebers a girl name Kairi and looks for her. He finds her but dead on the ground. He gives her a charm thats diferent than riku and his heart for her to live.

    Sony Vegas 7

    well i hope u guys like it and leave a opion

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