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  • Member: shrink_laureate
  • Studio: Dyslexic Studeos
  • Title: Everything is Dangerous
  • Premiered: 2008-03-04
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    • Tom Smith Everything Is Dangerous
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  • Comments: This was my entry for the Basingstoke Anime Society contest, which had a theme of "A Girl's Best Friend". I had a hard time coming up with a video to match that theme, which is why it's only vaguely relevant. In contrast to my last few serious videos, this is simply a piece of fun.

    It's a character profile of Mesousa, being consoled (or possibly cajoled) by Rebecca. The gist is that life will always have dangers, that safety is essentially an illusion, and the only sane approach is to carry on living as best you can.

    The song is by Tom Smith, who regularly produces comedy songs, parodies and filks for The FuMP. I edited it to remove a verse (the break is at about 0:38), mostly because it would have been more car references that didn't quite fit.

    The hardest effect to achieve was the way the opening and closing jitter and shake around. I did it by pulling the pictures into After Effects, setting an expression for the x and y position that had a random element, then pulling that into Premiere. Oddly enough, it was a lot easier to get the light to shimmer - I was able to do that in Premiere by using a Strobe effect with the random settings turned up high.

    Something I learned while making this - I've encountered it before but I now have confirmation - is that Premiere is distressingly and unpredictably bad at using alpha channels. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it borks, and there seem to be no rules about when. In future, if I want to create anything with transparent footage, I'll create the [i]whole[/i] scene in After Effects.

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