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  • Member: Autraya
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: To the Hereafter
  • Premiered: 2008-02-25
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  • Song:
    • HIM Don't Fear the Reaper
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    This has been a real shit of a video to make.
    I started out with a song (which I didn't make this video too T_T ) and needed a "shiney source" so after harassing the president of the ANUAS for some new series i had a choice between Utaw and Pryzm Ark and seeing as how the first episode of the later series made me somewhat violent (due to ‘cuteness’ factor) I went with Utaw.
    Then I was sitting down watching Highlander: the search for vengeance with my sister and she opened her big fat mouth and mentioned that Highlander would be a MUCH better choice to my original audio, it seems that Oropherzero who was supposed to be editing at the same time as me also agreed, and i was dismayed when i put some footage onto the time line that they were both right.
    So I made 2 videos instead of 1.
    This one has allot of masking but nowhere near the amount of effects originally planned as during beta testing I ripped up my whole timeline 3 times ;( and the AI-Con Deadline is fast approaching.
    uggh I think the hardest thing for me was actually whittling down the story to have only 4 characters instead of 20 (ish) oh and "making sense" and if you don't "get it" by this stage I don't f#cking care.

    Story synopsis:
    The white winged guy (name escapes me) is attacking Hakuoro's people with "mecha" and armies during the conflict he targets Hakuro's wife(arrururrurururu or w/e) and child (who coincedently grew up to be erururururururu or w/e) anyway after years of conflict he suceeds in killing them leaving hakouro alone. THE END.
    There is more to it than that but I couldn't be bothered explaining XD

    I'd like to thank:
    The God - for not having telepathic powerers(despite being married) and hence not being able to read my mind while watching a video that made no sense.
    The King - for once again showing me how to edit certain parts by doing it himself, picking up every orphan frame and single frame error known to man, and coming up with some extremely useful effects ideas
    The Multi Coloured Lolli man - I'm not sure what lane he lives in or if the muffin man has a monopoly on that, for forcing me to decide between action/drama and doing another complete timeline overhaul for the sake of flow and sanity.
    The WAlien - for needing to watch it at least 15 times (and he's seen the series) before realising that the original vid only made sense to me and realising that I had fed some of my characters drugs (they really were stoned) to make some really ugly effects.
    The ANUAS - for supplying me with evil sources and many ideas to make this from
    The dickhead on youtube - for showing me how NOT to edit to this song
    WC - for finally shutting up once I gave him a beta (you guys should try it sometime works like a gobstopper ;)
    And too all those people I forgot to thank because I can't remember how you helped out: Yoko+InfinitySquaredBlueTrainSweetdeilyMeteorDragonMinionRequiettetScorpionPEva-Fancetc

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