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  • Member: MaggIvy
  • Title: My WMM Days-Aeternal
  • Premiered: 2005-00-00
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  • Songs:
    • Clint Mansell Lux Aeterna
    • Devil May Cry EV-02 (Get Alastor)
    • King Arthur Do You Think I'm Saxon
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  • Comments: Well, at one point nearly all of us started with Windows Movie Maker, this is one of my many "noob" days videos. Though, I still consider myself a "noob."

    This was the last video I made out of WMM, hence why there is a Adobe Premiere credits in the end (though kinda crappy lol)

    Anyway, this videos is basically intended to be very dramatic and its based on sin and the destruction it caused throughout the whole time of Final Fantasy X, to the point of defeating him in the end. Hope you like this old school video.

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