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  • Member: Revbudadude
  • Title: Haruhi can't hold back, CUz SheS as SlUt
  • Premiered: 2008-01-23
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    • Surv-rotic Lonely, drawn out, sex
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  • Comments: I decided to make my own Haruhi Mp4, I thought there is so much crap for it out there, being used every 5 seconds. I thought, the public deserves a good video for once. SO here it is! I even made it in mp4, and it's probably the BEST mp4 on the site, and puts the quality of most other mp4s to shame. Yes, so if you want quality that makes you feel that you not only DREW the footage yourself and is clearly than what you originally DREW and that makes you feel like YOU'RE ACTUALLY THERE, then download this one. The song of course is a personal favorite of mine, Surv-rotic's smash hit from 98 "I can feel you tremble, so shut up and sleep with me already"

    Here are the lyrics:

    There's a story in my eyes
    Carry on, you're free, why don't you sleep with me?
    Turn the pages of desire
    Shut up and sleep with me CUM
    Now it's time to sleep with me CUM
    For the rush of passions
    CUM ON
    I can feel you tremble when we MAKE ME CUM ON
    Reaching out to both intentions
    I've been holding back MAKE ME CUM ON
    I'm gonna try to sleep with me with all my might
    Can you feel me tremble when we make me cum on
    I can't hold back, I'm on the edge, uh huh uh huh come on and sleep with me, come on
    Explodes inside my head
    I can't hold back, I won't back down, but it's too late to make me cum down
    And now the time has come at last, and sleep with me
    I can feel you tremble when we make me cum on for the rush of passions
    with me, come on

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