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  • Member: Pie Row Maniac
  • Studio: Donuts Inc.
  • Title: JSR Project, Track 4 - Grace & Glory
  • Premiered: 2003-03-24
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    • Hideki Naganuma Grace & Glory
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  • Comments: As it says in the title, track four of the JSR Project. I was one of the first few who became interested in the project, and had a wide choice of songs to choose from. The first one I downloaded was Grace & Glory and stuck with it without even hearing the rest of the songs. I did this for a couple reasons. One being because if I hear a song I really like on a track, then I stick with it. That way I won't be debating over which song to choose if I find one I like, and I can get more done that way. The other being that it was one of the shorter segments, which was lazy of me but at the same time I was able to see just how much editing I could stuff into 22 seconds, which was quite fun to do.

    Fatal Fury 2 was my choice because I had recently decided to scrap a Fatal Fury video that was going nowhere, so I had all this leftover footage and wasn't exaclty in the mood to be ripping and converting, so it was an easy call. Kill two birds with one stone. God bless the JSR project for that, hehe.

    The video itself is what you could call a catalog of some of the fights in Fatal Fury 2. First, we see a tiny glimpse of Andy vs Laurence, then we see the catalog itself. The still frame is of Terry and Andy in fighting stances, then displays screens of other fights in the movie. Terry vs Kim, Mai vs Laurence, Andy vs Tung, then finally it gets down to the real bout of Terry vs Andy.

    About halfway through the video, the volume increases a little, just to let you know. Why did I make the volume like that? I dunno, seemed like fun at the time. :P

    The tracks before and after this were VegettoEX's Track 3 "Humming the Bassline" (before) and Pwolf's Track 5 "That's Enough" (after).

    - The direct link is hosted by Verse Host

    Adobe Premiere 6.0

    Time Taken to Create: Approximately three days

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