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  • Member: DaCoolGohan
  • Studio: D-Zi-Er Studios In Association with Majin Planet Productions
  • Title: Dystopian Lies
  • Premiered: 2008-01-20
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  • Song:
    • SpineShank Asthmatic
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I started this video when I was sitting around on break and bored as hell. I started listening to some Spineshank and remembered I was going to finish Xnod's Vegeta beta to Asthmatic. The only problem before was that I couldn't get into doing a video with Vegeta and I didn't want to do another DBZ video so soon after my last one. So I decided to think of another anime to use and came up with Generator Gawl. I had always wanted to do a full video with Generator Gawl and the song's lyrics fit the anime very well. So I started to get to work and this video took me just over a month to finish, I started it on December 15th and released the video on January 20th.

    If you haven't seen Generator Gawl this video may be lost on you. Generator Gawl is a good anime and not many people have seen it and not many people use it in AMVs. I think this is partially due to the fact that it came out about a year after Evangelion was over so it may have been brushed under the carpet.

    Plot Summary of Generator Gawl
    Sent from the future to save mankind from a nightmarish holocaust, three young men must blend into our society and uncover the dangerous machinations of a group of sinister scientists. Unfortunately for Kouji, Ryou and Gawl, their apparent youth leaves them with no option but to pretend to be foreign exchange students at the local high school. Their cover almost immediately begins to wear thin when the daughter of the boarding house where they’re staying begins to suspect Gawl of being up to no good. In truth, Gawl is the ultimate weapon against evil, a bio-enhanced "generator" capable of shifting into an awesome inhuman form of unbelievable power. However, even Gawl`s incredible abilities may not be enough, for the scientists have their own army of monstrous generators!(Taken From AniDB)

    The concept of the video was to focus on Gawl and how he keeps fighting the Generators even though it is slowly taking its toll on him. The video is basically a character profile of Gawl and of the other people that affect him emotionally and make him want to move forward and stop what was coming. I wanted the video to end with Gawl realizing that even if he stops the Generators he will never be able to escape the fact that he has become what he set out to destroy.

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