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  • Member: ngsilver
  • Studio: Chaotic Bad Raptor
  • Title: Boss Battle
  • Premiered: 2008-01-00
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    • Konami In the Castle
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    Yes, this is another video that spawned out of an IC from the SuperIC channel. I have done quite a bit beyond what I had done in the 2 hours given to me in order to clean up the timing as well as alter the clips to better fit with the feeling that I was going for.

    As the title suggests, this is designed to be a boss battle. It displays the final battle between Iria and Zeiram. There are two parts, the first part ends in a failure and then the final part is the final battle. I did not add in extra grafix to better alude to the theme I was going for. Not because I was lazy, but more because I don't wish to bash that idea over the heads of anyone watching.

    If I wanted to I could have gone a different route with this video, but I like how it is right now, so this is the final product. I enjoy it how it is, so thats good enough.

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