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  • Member: ssgwnbtd
  • Title: SSGWNBTD IC3 Round 4 Edge Of The Ocean (Duotone Mix)
  • Premiered: 2008-01-12
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    • ivy Edge Of The Ocean [duotone mix]
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  • Comments: aerialesque was the winner of this round. The match duration was 2 hours. I probably should have shortened the song a little. My source worked so well with the song that I got a little carried away and edited to the whole thing. The video gets a little lazy around the GotF part. I'll probably fix some parts and send it to a con in the future. The other song choices were:
    Sneaker Pimps - Lightning Field
    OLIVIA - Wish
    Muse - Bliss
    This Day & Age - Winter Winter Spring

    I considered doing a short explosion and military themed Nausicaa & GotF vid to Bliss. I didn't see the lyrics working as well as Edge Of The Ocean though.

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