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  • Member: prYzm
  • Title: The Quest
  • Premiered: 2008-01-08
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    • Pokemon Pokemon theme song
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  • Comments: ok i threw this together in like 2 hrs, cause i wanted to work on an amv and didnt feel like working on any of my current projects, but didnt really want to start a new one. so i decided on a comedy idea i had from a few days ago and just threw it together. bear in mind it wasnt amazingly well edited, i didnt put a ton of effort into it, but the concept is quite funny

    i should warn people this IS a hentai clip so if u dont like that please dont watch, the amv is purely supposed to be comical though.

    comments on it so far:
    Bahah I lol'd at the concept Thumbs up
    BWAHAHAHAHAHA.... umm... less Pokemon is needed XD
    very twisted.
    I really lol'd >_> Well it was a little bit sloppy edited X(, but the idea was awsm

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