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  • Member: Malificus
  • Title: Maybe We'll Make It
  • Premiered: 2008-01-04
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    • Yellowcard View from Heaven
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  • Comments: This video has a kinda odd origin story. It was originally conceived as an idea for Voices of a distant satr. Unfortunately, the guy in that barely appears. Add that to the fact that the movie is 30 minutes long, and I was almost outta luck. But the I decided, hey, how about making the same idea, concept and everything, to Beyond the Clouds? All I have to do is kill Saiyuri. :3

    As so it is, that Saiyuri died. The story was changed to fit the original concept. This had another fun effect of making two scenes useless. First was Tunaburst. How can I keep Saiyuri dead if the main character meets her? Memories are okay, but full blown reincarnation? It doesn't work. Thus was the climax similarly thrown out. The result? a spoilerless amv. No revelation you can get from this will be worse than that of the trailer, which, coincidentally, was almost entirely used in this. O:

    And so I bring you Maybe We'll Make It. I hope you enjoy it.

    Program Used: Vegas 7.0


    (lemme know if I messed up your name, or forgot to mention you)

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