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  • Member: Oddbot
  • Title: Somewhere Only We Know
  • Premiered: 2004-11-15
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    • Keane Somewhere Only we Know
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  • Comments: This is an old video. Almost four years old to be exact. In fact I had all but forgotten about it until I found it recently while searching through files on my old PC.

    There's a story to why I never posted this video before. Basically I didn't have the CD with the song on it at the time of making it. In fact it was one of those instant inspiration deals where I had just heard the song on the radio and making a Wolf's Rain video with it had instantly popped up in my head.

    So I already had all of the show on my PC in fansub form, and I decided so I could get started right away, I'd just download a quick MP3 of the song for now and switch with a better quality CD version later. That was a mistake. But anyways, this video was quickly born over a bored weekend at home. Later it turned out that the song I used was some strange probably older version of the song. Basically the song on the CD was completely redone and unquestionably much better.

    I'd have to redo all the timings in my video to fit in the CD version, plus cut out a certain portion. And seeing as how the video quality, coming from fansubs wasn't very good either, and that I really wasn't to impressed with the finished product anyways, well, I just didn't feel like doing that.

    But looking back I figured I could put this up. Why the hell not eh? So here's a decent AMV with crappy video quality and crappy audio quality and a crappier version of a good song.

    But truth be told I still rather like this vid. It's not my best work by far, but I do like it. =)
    I hope you do too.


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