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  • Member: Dafreshprince
  • Studio: 2012
  • Title: Forsaken Hope
  • Premiered: 2007-12-23
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    • Rise Against The Good left undone
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    I've had the idea for the song for the longest since it came out but seraching for the anime to fit it was the hardest part, but when I finally found it I started editing. I wanted to edit this with a style that I normally dont do so heres the outcome. This is has beeen the most fun editing I've done since and now the for the video info


    Now this song has alot of meaning and if you dont understand the code inside the lyrics you wont really understand the video. Heres the translation.

    :00- :05- " In fields where nothing grew but weeds, I found a flower at my feet.
    This means that out of many bad matches he finally found one girl thus the flower out of weeds
    :12-:15 - "I pulled until the roots gave in" He somehows the damages the girl
    :22-:53(chorus)- It shows Kenshins struggles as he fights for the love of his girl.
    1:08-1:15- "I pushed my fingers through the earth, returned this flower to the dirt;so it could live, I walked away now." This part basically means hes leaving her so he wont hurt her with the life he lives .
    2:29-2:44- "All because of you, I believe in angels. Not the kind with wings, no, not the kind with halos;the kind that bring you home"
    This part means that Tomoe , the girl is the lifesaver in Kenshins life and even though shes not immortal she can still save Kenshin .


    I'd like to give thanks to:

    Joey [The guy who never finsihes anything...]
    And everyone else who helped me along the way and if I forget to mention your name I'm sorry.

    Oh yeah personal thanks to those bastards that gave me a personal experience I can make a amv off of.

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