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  • Member: The Wired Knight
  • Studio: Wired Knight Productions
  • Title: Requiem for a Rurouni
  • Premiered: 2007-07-03
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    • Fiona Apple Sally's Song
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  • Comments: This video stems from a number of things. Mostly I had recently purchased the Nightmare Before Christmas LE Soundtrack which features a number of songs from teh movie being sung by current bands. (I strongly recomend this CD to anyone who likes rock and Nightmare).

    Sally's Song was never my favorite in the original movie but the version here sung by Fiona Apple is a favorite on the C of mine because of how slow and somber it goes leaving greater imagery of being left alone. To this end I think the second Kenshin OVA (Something I cannot as strongly recomend) but nonetheless, the sorrow of Kaoru I felt was a perfect match for the nature of the song.

    One difficulty in creation though is that outside of the song being slow, the Kenshin anime does not have a lot of action in it so in termss of synching the action to the song it became very difficult. So instead I took a different route and went for "imagery" synch, using the features of hte Kenshin OVA osf static images of nature/still items with the music to evoke an emotion from the viewer. To this end it makes the video a lot more meaningful in my opinoni as it now better synchronizes to the feel of the Kenshin OVA and the feeling I wanted to get out of it.


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