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  • Member: ProdigySim
  • Studio: Baka-4-Lunch
  • Title: Spike The Mumbler
  • Premiered: 2003-03-20
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  • Song:
    • The Simpsons Homer Buys a Gun
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Well, this is my first real AMV, I had done some before but they required almost no editing and didn't even use Anime. Then again, this one doesn't really use music... but oh well.
    I felt like doing an AMV so I looked through my music and sound tracks until I found this little clip from the Simpsons. That's when I realized how much Spike is like Homer, he isn't really at all. But this clip worked so well, especially with the characters in Cowboy Bebop.

    First of all, I like to have options open. So with no particular plan in mind (other than that I wanted to make an AMV of my newly aquired Cowboy Bebop Set), I ripped all 6 DVDs, taking up a whopping 26GB on my already chock-full Hard Drive. I also don't like losses in quality, so I decided to edit using the VOBs directly. The only digital effect I used (and by "used" I mean "slapped on messily") was the addition of a title. I couldn't even get it to fade in/out properly (shows you what a newbie I am).
    The Lip Syncing didn't relly use any editing at all, no swapping images back and forth, nothing but placing talking scenes in where needed. The only thing of the sort I did was cut out some footage between Faye talking and Spike turning his head.

    Adobe Premiere 6.5

    That's all for now, Enjoy!

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