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  • Member: freakinerd
  • Title: A Dream Return
  • Premiered: 2007-12-16
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  • Song:
    • Bryan Adams I will always return
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  • Comments: Artist: Bryan Adams
    Music: I Will Always Return

    This is my 14th. AMV, 4th. with Vegas.

    The reason I used this song is because I watched Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and heard the song. This was a great song and it calms me when I'm listening to it.

    I wanted to use this song somewhere and thought, that I should do a Naruto and Hinata AMV. Even though I've already seen many of Naruto and Hinata AMVs, they are all always the same in some ways, and I thought to myself that I should make a video that no one would expect and how it would work out.

    This is my first video that I attempted doing motion masking, and putting this together wasn't a great task with a slow song. I wasn't intending to do a masking AMV witha a slow song, I like doing fast songs, but I couldn't think of another AMV for doing it, so I thought of this and I hope you all enjoy the video.

    The story is that Naruto left with Jiraiya to do a 2 1/2 years training, and Naruto started to gets tired from stress traing and began to take a nap starts dreaming that he is running home to Hinata, only waking up dissappointed.

    Rate and Comment to see how you feel about it.


    I hear the wind call my name
    The sound that leads me home again
    The sparks of the fire - a flame that still burns
    To you I will always return

    I know the road is long
    But where you are is home
    Wherever you stay
    I'll find the way
    I'll run like a river
    I'll follow the sun
    I'll fly like an eagle
    To where I belong

    I can't stand the distance
    I can't dream alone
    I can't wait to see you
    Yes I'm on my way home

    Now I know what's true
    My every road leads to you
    And in the hour of darkness
    Your light gets me through

    You run like the river
    you shine like the sun
    You fly like an eagle
    Yeah you are the one

    I've seen every sunset
    And with all that I've learned
    It's to you I will always
    Always return

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