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  • Member: Fay-Sa
  • Title: To Photograph a Sin
  • Premiered: 2007-12-12
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    • Guano Apes Innocent Greed
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    Announcement Thread

    Please read info, if not all then please read the vid info before watching the video

    Well I'm sure many of you are going to recognize this song, if you don't then thatís ok but the song choice was inspirer by this video . The beginning of the idea came after watching a few Fatal Frame videos(manly of the 2nd game) and wanted to play the game myself as well as learn more of the games, During the 1st week of April I was able to buy a used copy of Fatal Frame 3 and sometimes when playing I would play some music, and this song poped up and after learning about the stories of the games I thought this fit really well for all the main girls of the games, alive and dead. I waited till I was able to get ahold of the 1st two games to make this and this isn't a easy one to find in stores. So about 7 months later I was able to get them and started playing the games and editing soon after "So Beautiful" was released. This is my 1st GMV and most likely going to be my only one.

    While editing:
    Well this was different, not really harder of easier then using anime footage but different. The footage itself wasn't every scene from the game since I do not have a capture card so I had to rip it(took almost 3 days to rip and convert to an avi) and some of the scenes I wanted to use were in the in-game engine, in other words I couldn't get them all unless I re-corded my game play with a capture card, and even with that it would be harder to clean up then it already is, so I worked with what I can use, which lucky with all 3 games was a lot I also was able to up gain the "Promise ending" from the X-box version of the 2nd game which I was very happy to have(it's also the only scene from the X-box version I used, rest is the PS2 version since I own a PS2 and I can play it lol). With all the filters and effects already in the game it might look strange with the sync but Iím hoping that your paying enough attention to the song to see it as well. However due to work and school I had to rush the ending and make the credits a lot more simple then they were going to be. Plus I couldn't get it as clean as I wanted to but Iím not going to worry about it to much personally. I did use some effects but because most of the footage of the games already filtered Iím not going to bother putting an effects rating. By the way almost all the flashes are from the game itself so that sometimes helped with timing, but if you have seen my vids before you should know what my editing style is.

    Vid Info: The title "To Photograph a Sin" is a play with both the games and song, for those who donít know in the games you have to use a The Camera Obscura to take a picture of the ghost and it traps them inside the camera. The title of the song ďInnocent GreedĒ and greed being one of the deadly sins. In each game there are these rituals and they all fail with the main "villain" of the games because before they died they were denied what they wanted most which caused the events to happen and through out the game you find out what happens and tend to remember that these ghost were once human to, but as the character tries to stop what's happening they in turn lose what they want the most, itís on long those lines that this video is based off. You see what has happen to the girls in the ritual and the heroines you play and as you watch you see that they soon met a fate similar to the ones in the ritual, I wish I could explain it better but the best way to know what Iím talking about is to watch the video, there will be some parts that you need to know parts of the game to get and this web site: Beyond the Camera's Lens it has very good info of the 3 games and other things related to Fatal Frame/Project Zero or better yet play the games yourself.

    Last notes: I want to thanks those who beta-tester this since none of them have played the games before. Also I hope I was able to take a different outlook on Fatal Frame videos that not all about the horror of the game(while the game can get really creepy, it is a horror game after all) and that I hope you enjoy it. And I ask that you try not to compare it and please donít kill me lol. I can tell this is going to be a love it/ hate it vid so Iím ready for the comments, however there is to be NO FLAMING!!! And if you leave a rating number please tell me why again with no flaming.

    Anyway Enjoy

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