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  • Member: SasukeIsADruggie
  • Title: Desicated Electacit Infraction
  • Premiered: 2007-12-08
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  • Song:
    • Jung Lee Hyun All In
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  • Comments: Hokay, i know it's been awhile, after taking about a year off from editing i thought i'd get
    back into it and my god, i really outdid myself. At first i was thinking ok i need a concept
    and then it hit me like... it just hit me.. HARD, i basically then you know since geass is like
    waaah, i figured id revolve the vid around the you know and then there's the mechs. Well i sat down and got straight to work. I pretty much worked 8hrs non stop on the first .0003 seconds of the vid, it was a struggle and i continously had to tweak things. Well after about 14months working on this monster, i figured it was time to release it. Now, i know its been a year so people SHOULD have the right codec, i know on my last video i got non stop complaints about the codec, but this time i went with mp4... if you DONT have it, watch my video anyways, it sometimes looks better without the codec, really depends on if you're far sighted or near sighted. for those inbetween sighted people, i suggest either pooring chemicals in your eyes to adjust to nearsightednesseseseness or just download the codec. far sighted people, i suggest getting as far away from the moniter as you can, my vid will look likes its on a freakin HD plasma TV if you stand about 35 yards away. well heres to 2yrs of work, i know, i said 14months, but the other 10months i spent encoding. HIGH quality, good stuff, has penguins...

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