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  • Member: ChaosProjects
  • Studio: Chaosprojects Studios
  • Title: Guu's Jungle Mix
  • Premiered: 2003-03-19
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    • Candy Ravin' Club of the Mountain King
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  • Comments: Once again we of Chaosprojects Stuidos grace the masses with another pointless video...Today we bring to you Guu's Jungle Mix....for lack of a better title....this is basical a video that i made to show all the wackiness that happens in this series....and decieded to put it to a raving beat....I had to cut the song a bit short as i was running out of material for the is it shorten by about a min. This video is just another fun project that I completed recently (since I seem to never do series projects)

    But for those of you who have never seen the series I will give you a short break down and then you will have to find some episodes on your own....or you can email me...*winks*

    The series is call Jungle Hale Nochi Guu...the series revolves around a boy named Hale in a single parent home and they of course live in a a village in the jungle....Hale(the blue-haired young boy) is a natural young to play games and play with his friends....he mother is lazy and doesn't like to clean up or really do anything other than she almost pushes all the chores off onto him to take care Hale spends his time clean up after his mom and just trying to find a moment to day he is sent out shopping and while out he is attacked by a monster...running home in fear...he tell his mom who doesn't belive him...and then disappers for the evening with a friend of hers...Later on a night his mom returns home and she is drunk as usually but this time she has brought along someone else with her....the girl introduces herself as Guu(the pink haired girl) and she has a really cute face with short pink hair and red that moment Hale's mom tell him that Guu will be living with them from now hale finds the idea strange but accepts it...and the start to play games and things getting along really he really start to like Guu...Fast Foward to the next morning...Hale gets up for breakfast...saying good morning to his mom..after talking for a bit his mom asked if he said good morning to she walks up behind he turns to say good morning to her...he is faced with a girl with completely different face...her eyes to what looks like a scowl...and she say good morning in about the roughest tone anyone could ever say it....Hale completely shocked doesn't know what to do with this new girl who calls herself Guu but is nothing like the first Guu that he met the night before...That is start the insanity of the Guu is very very evil...and can eat almost anything...including she spends most of her time getting Hale into trouble and walking away like it is not her is a series that is just too funny and i have been trying to find on DVD but no luck just yet...

    So this video just show alot of what Hale and Guu go thru in the jungle and the wackyness that just explode from the series...if you like wacky little anime seires that give a pretty good laugh....i would recommend you check this one out.....but for now....ENJOY THE VIDEO!!!

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