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  • Member: ketsuekiko
  • Title: Summer Lovin'
  • Premiered: 2007-12-03
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    • Grease Soundtrack Summer Nights
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  • Comments: Song : Summer Nights
    Song Artist John Travolta/Olivia Newton
    Soundtrack : Grease
    Anime : Sailor moon Stars
    Date Completed : 12-03-2007
    Programs Used : Vegas 7.0

    Story : Usagi and Seiya met during the summer, and she had no idea he was a superstar idol. She returns to school, and her friends ask about her summer, and she goes on to tell them she met a guy,they are all anxious to know all about the guy so they basically interrogate her, and pester her into telling. At the same time Seiya is doing the same with his brothers Taiki, and Yaten. Usagi tells her friends the truth, while Seiya over exaggerates to show off to his brothers. Usagi tends to not tell the whole story. The end of the AMV is where they parted. *Hope you like the little extra*

    Comments: HOMG! This AMV drove me INSANE! There are a few little gimmicks in here such as the masks in the corners in some scenes originally those were gonna be in EVERY scene where the character were NOT singing the lines, but I figured too much is over kill sooooo....yeah.

    I am in no way associated with the anime or musical artist in anyway, this video is completely fanmade. ^^

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