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  • Member: prYzm
  • Title: Broken Lives & Broken Hearts (Remastered)
  • Premiered: 2007-12-04
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    • FFX-2 1000 Words
    • The Proclaimers (I would walk) 500 Miles
    • Vanessa Carlton A Thousand Miles
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  • Comments: The remastered version of my Broken Lives and Broken Hearts.

    basically i really liked my BL&BH video and at the time i really couldn't think what i wanted to edit, so i decided to go back and make a few changes to my original one to fix up some inconsistencies. however once i got started i really started to change some of the stuff in there, fixing up timings and completley changing some of the scenes (such as the entire ending). partway in i decided that this could be my first comp entry to the waicon comp coming up, and if i wanted that i should get some additional feedback.

    Lockstock was nice enough to give me some great feedback on my vid on some ideal changes to make, after following like 95% of them (cause he knows what hes doing better than i do, and the ideas seemed to make sense) i got a few other people to check it out, a few more changes made + some of my own, and i got a wonderful remastered version. personally i think this is significantly better than the first.

    i used a fairly similar storyline to what you find in the Rah-Xephon series but i twisted it slightly showing the starting as if the two main characters are together at the start instead of the relationship starting later. it just made the video a bit easier to do, the fallout in their relationship as shown in my vid never quite technically happens in the series, cause they arn't together at the time that Haruka kisses the other man.

    the one thing i really like about this vid is how i do the perspectives, the first clip is all from ayato's point of view(the guy), the second clip is haruka (the girl) and the final clip is showing them both together. was kinda hard to limit the scenes to being from these characters perspecitves but was a fun challenge =D.

    also would like to put out a big big thank you to Wurpess for doing the banner art and sig art for me =D. shes much better with photoshop than i am.

    at 0:33 the lyrics say IF I HAVER - haver means to talk nonsense, its not lip flap in that scene, the idea is he is 'talking nonsense' and she laughs at him. gogo definitions people!

    cause pretty much everyone comments on it ill write here to. my song transitions suck, i admit it, everyone notices it. unfortunatly the contrast in the music made the transitions difficult and so after trying a few ways i settled on the one im using now (theres a diff transition in the non-remastered). but hope u enjoy it newayz

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