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  • Member: Greggus1
  • Studio: Rokujinshou Productions
  • Title: Disturbance
  • Premiered: 2007-12-02
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    • Arctic Monkeys Brianstorm
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  • Comments: Well, here's a video I'd been planning to make for a while. In fact, meleechampion can attest to that, as I told him I was starting on this video in early September, and in fact didn't get to it until about a month ago. The video took about 15 hours to edit from there, and I'm pretty glad with the result. It's a change of style for me, but you should get used to it: Most of my videos are going to have a much more mature feel from here on out. That doesn't mean they're going to be as dark as this one; maturity is something I associate a lot more with realism, in the way you present your story and in your portrayal of the emotion of your characters.

    Also worth mentioning is that I had great beta-testing on this video. I would have put most of the feedback I got to use, but in the past few days, most major changes I tried weren't turning out great, so I decided to pretty much stick with the current model. This may have something to do with the fact I edited this in a new way for me as well: I laid out the clips and cuts first, and saved most of the heavy effect-work (Which never came into being) for later. This helped me edit on instinct, which is usually when I do best, but it also meant when I came back to change things later, I had trouble making modifications without preferring the way it was before.

    A word on the source: Gankutsuou is a GREAT show. The art direction is genius, the themes are mature, to the point where you might start wondering if you're watching anime. In addition, the show will totally play with your mind (More so in the first half, which is by far the stronger one), a la Serial Experiments Lain, if you've heard of that futuristic trip. So if you're thinking "bah, Count Of Monte Christo, I've heard that story a million times, I don't need to watch this.", think again. This show will take you in a direction you never would have imagined.

    Thanks to beta-testers:

    -WC Annihilus


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