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  • Member: Chocobuddha
  • Studio: CrackRabbit Studios
  • Title: Grappler Yaoi
  • Premiered: 2003-03-31
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    • E-Rotic Big Max
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  • Comments: **WARNING: While this video does NOT contain nudity, it does contain fake adult situations and a little bit of blood. If I had to rate it, I'd say PG-13**

    **Also, much thanks to the awesome guys in the forum who helped me out, not to mention all of you highly-skilled guide-writers. Without you, this video would have been far weaker than it already is**

    This is the very first Grappler Baki TV AMV! In fact, it's even the first all-Baki AMV! Even better, it's my first AMV ever made! Woo woo! ^_^

    Just so you viewers know, Grappler Baki is not a yaoi series; it just has many scenes that can be taken way out of context. And when I say "way out of context", I mean WAY out of context. The initial idea for this AMV was given to me by my girlfriend, who has the innate power to see the potential male homosexuality in almost any situation. And while I can say that making this AMV has forever warped my perception of the series, it turned out much, much better than I ever could have hoped.

    The progression goes pretty much like this: we start with Baki, a young, innocent Grappler who visits a family friend in the mountains so he can train. While staying at his cabin, he is persuaded to, ah, see what it's like to be on the other "team". After this, he goes back to his normal, violent life as a Grappler only to have a life-or-death experience that causes him to fully embrace his homosexuality. This later leads to an impromptu, um, "performance" with Hanayama in public, who then completely falls for Baki, who then, in turn, plays with Hanayama's heart and just uses him for gratification. Finally, Baki becomes jaded enough to become one of the brave few who dabble in Xtreme Sado-Masochistic Bestiality; the one sport more disturbing and dangerous than Afghanistan's Buzkashi.

    That's pretty much all I have to say about that. Please forgive the weak attempts at timing and lip syncing. This is, after all, my first AMV and it was completed in a period of 10 hours with about 2 hours of polishing the next day. So be gentle. ^_^

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