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  • Member: purplepolecat
  • Title: Silent Bebop
  • Premiered: 2007-11-25
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    • Silent Hill 2 Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: This is one of those cases where an idea hits you, and you have to do something with it just to get it out of your head.

    After my second time watching Cowboy Bebop, it occurred to me that Faye has a lot in common with Maria from Silent Hill 2 : sexy clothes, a quick temper and a past that is a mystery even to herself. The rest of the "casting" went as follows:

    Spike Spiegel - James Sunderland, the protagonist of SH2 who returns to Silent Hill to search for his supposedly dead wife.
    Julia - Mary Sunderland, who loved vacations in Silent Hill before succumbing to sickness.
    Ed - Laura, a capricious little girl who seems to be oblivious to Silent Hill's dangers.
    Vicious - Eddie, a slob with a persecution complex and an itchy trigger finger. (This is a bit of a diss to Vicious, who is one of those sophisticated bishie psychos)
    Annie - Angela, an unbalanced survivor of child abuse.
    Ein - "That Stupid Dog"

    I also used Pierrot le Fou in a lot of scenes, because he is the most disturbing character in CB, and the fairground where he confronts Spike is strangely similar to SH's Lakeside Amusement Park.

    I used a little Silent Hill 2 footage, it appears on the TV that Spike uses to play the videotape.

    Many of the scenes in Cowboy Bebop use very bright colors (especially Faye's outfits), so I desaturated those scenes to make the transitions less jarring.

    Adobe Premiere only crashed three times during the making of this video ! I'm so lucky.

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