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  • Member: Goketsu
  • Studio: Dark Prodigy Studios
  • Title: Chrno Crusade-Time
  • Premiered: 2007-11-23
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  • Song:
    • Sevendust Broken Down
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  • Comments: Anime: Chrono Crusade
    Song : Broken Down by Sevendust
    Credits song: Best Case Scenario by: Mortal Treason

    This amv is dedicated to Flower331 because she rly got me into chrno crusade and she is awesome lol ^_^

    Story line: well basically this amv is about the romance of Chrno and Rosette. I chose the title because If they only had more time they could have lived happily ever after but instead they both died in each other's arms. This amv has a little bit of everything its got action, drama, romance so its definitely worth watching

    Why I made it:
    I got the idea for an amv with this song after I watched Kevmasta's and DCG's amvs with this song.
    I rly wanted to make a full Chrono Crusade amv and I thought this song was perfect so I decide to make it and I think it came out ok.

    Special thanks to:
    Dermarx- vegas tutorials and guidance
    Flower331- because she is awesome^^ and she got me addicted to Chrono Crusade
    SMV- for teaching me how to script^^
    ps: sorry for some of the repeat scenes my dad deleted alot of my eps off my computer so I was running short on clips

    If you don't have something that can play mp4's then i highly recommend you get VLC media player
    here is a link to download it

    and Im planning on remaking this soon

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