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  • Member: Goketsu
  • Studio: Dark Prodigy Studios
  • Title: Trigun-Vash's Struggle
  • Premiered: 2007-11-08
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    • Shinedown 45
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    This is probably my first serious vid in sony vegas and probably my best work so far for Dark Prodigy Studios. This is a character profile about Vash. It's about his troubled past and all the struggles he has to endure. Its also about his troubled nature some of the fades and overlays were used to emphasize that but I'll admit that I went a bit crazy with all the overlays and fades.
    The fade at the end was put there to show whether he should kill him or not, but in the end Vash ends up having to kill him.

    Special Thanks to:
    Dermarx- for his vegas tutorials and guidance
    Riku- teaching me about flow and to not use ugly effects
    Taka- for introducing me to sony vegas back in the day
    and pretty much everyone in D.P.S.

    I uploaded a better mp4 version of my amv and its much better than the original xvid which was really blurry unfortunately the quality isn't perfect because I had to re render tha amv then script it because I lost the original project file, but never the less this is still my favorite amv that I have made so far I tried to put alot of emotion into it. It has some personal feelings for me because when I was editing this I was going through a rough patch in my life. anyways I hope you all enjoy the amv =D
    if you have trouble playing this I suggest you go get vlc media player or combined community codec pack.

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