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  • Member: rava86
  • Studio: Studio DBA
  • Title: Forgotten
  • Premiered: 2007-11-05
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  • Songs:
    • Avril Lavigne Forgotten
    • Gladiator SoundTrack Now We ARe Free
    • Reveille Unborn
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I hope you can understand my english.
    First of all, please take a look at this:
    project starting date: 9/22/2004
    project ending date: 10/17/2007

    IT'S A 3-YEAR WORK!!!!
    And because it's a 3-year work this AMV is a little different from any other vid


    I got the inspiration from the song, in the summer of 2004: while listening at it I was thinking that if Asuka really exists she would enjoy this kind of music! XD
    It was the end of september when I started to work on the vid but, due to lack of time, inspiration etc... the things dragged on. The reason for this long delay is my obsession in always changing the things, never being satisfied of my work.
    Every time, after some breaks, I resumed the work... but there was a long period of time when I sank it into oblivion. And now, at last, I can say I completed my project.


    I made this AMV with Adobe Premiere 6.5!!! (Yeah, I know it's very old but I started the project with it, so I chose to go on with it).
    Virtual Dub 1.6.15
    Paint Shop Pro XI
    XviD and Huffyuv codecs.

    Well, Avril Lavigne's song isn't the best but, as told before, I think that it fits Asuka, or at least the "Avril Lavigne stereotype" looks quite like Asuka. I tried to edit the footage in order to match the lyrics. The vid tells about an Evangelion ALTERNATIVE STORY where Asuka and Shinji break up and Asuka isn't able to get it over. Moreover Asuka realizes that Shinji is better than her and for this gets depressed. After some quarrels, Asuka is hit in the back, deceived by Shinji but the girl doesn't give up.. she doesn't want to be forgotten by the people. So here's the final fight... and the end, please watch it with your own eyes! ;-D
    Maybe video quality isn't marvellous but, please, have mercy..........a AMV creator without any kind of ADSL can't make better than this

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