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  • Member: kentoshogun
  • Title: Spirit of warrior
  • Premiered: 2007-11-03
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    • Enya Horizon
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  • Comments: Well, this is a project i had in mind since i started watching Seirei no Moribito. Is a bit simple AMV, it took a long time to finish it because i had the project stopped for a while.

    In my opinion, this video has a very different style or concept of AMV, maybe because the music i used is Enya's song.

    As the title says, the amv is a character profile (Balsa) with action that shows awesome martial art combats.
    I didn't want to include spoiling scenes.
    One of the reasons of having the project stopped is that most of the programs couldn't open the video source, the only one could open had some troubles while working the files(very long loading time), and i had to leave it at 4:3 aspect ratio.
    The BS-2 symbol is the channel logo.
    I know it has some mistakes, but i'm a bit lazy to fix them because i had some problems to encode.

    No much to say, that i'll leave to you all.

    PD:Moribito Rulz.

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