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  • Member: mtarzaim
  • Studio: Killer Penguin Productions
  • Title: Rewriting SEGA
  • Premiered: 2008-01-07
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    • Asian Kung-Fu Generation Rewrite
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  • Comments: There are things in life which touch you deep inside, and remain forever in your memory.
    Video games are from that kin.
    And amongst all the editors/designers, SEGA has surely earned a big place.
    I've played with all western consoles he constructed, and most of its games are still high ranked in my all-time top.

    SEGA wasn't just a byte-producer. It had a spirit. A personnal view of what gaming was.
    It gave birth to a lot of powerful licences, even today : Sonic, Virtua, Phantasy Star, etc.
    Most of them has fallen (Shining), some have simply disappeared (Street of Rage).

    All the segafans, and probably the others, let a tear fall on their cheek, when Sega retired from hardware. A new era has begun at that time, and it wasn't good for the blue hedgehog.
    Several years after, Sega is barely able to do honor to his glorious past.
    Even the sonic games fall one after another to the deeps of mediocre gaming.

    But someone heard the silent cry from the segafans.
    Someone who should have been deaf, as he was 15 years before.
    Nintendo, the archenemy, answered the call, and gave to its old opponent the hardware he needed to get up. Sega is currently into the ressurect mode, most of its games shining on the Big-N hardwares. Sonic and Mario fight together, at last.
    Is it just a last dash before crumbling down definitely ?
    Or is it the first step to a sonic travel through the next decade ?

    Time will tell. But most of old gamers, as I am, still hope to witness the true return of the smart and creative spirit from the 16/32 bits era.

    Here is my tribute, to an iconic VG character and his creators.
    Nearly erased, but finally revived the same ... rewritten.

    Avalaible on our favorite streamsite ^^ :

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