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  • Member: BasharOfTheAges
  • Title: Online Iron Chef v3.0 - Round1 - aesling vs. BasharOfTheAges
  • Premiered: 2007-10-23
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    • !!! (chkchkchk) Myth Takes
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  • Comments: This is my first round video for the 3.0 Online Iron Chef against Aesling. I really don't know what to put here - I think it came out rather poor and I'm not all that great at this speed editing thing. The source came from a con prize and it's one of the worst anime i've ever seen. Oh, i lost if it isn't apparent.

    I was also looking to just host this off-site, but my usual places have either died or migrated to the "not free anymore" zone, so it's on local instead.

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