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  • Member: Takefuji
  • Studio: .:Reversed Studios:.
  • Title: Forgiven: FFVII track for Yaoi Dream Puppets MEP
  • Premiered: 2007-09-30
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    • Within Temptation Forgiven
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  • Comments: [copypastefromLJ]

    Video: Final Fantasy VII: Last Order, Advent Children
    Doujinshi: Yubinbasya's Iris, Tragic Kingdom, Strawberry Statement, and other artwork.
    Audio: Within Temptation's Forgiven

    Technical Info:
    Length: 02:29
    Filesize: 41.5 MB
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    Concept/Summary: This particular video wasn't really planned. The general idea of making a dramatic, angsty Zack/Cloud compilation video using footage from Advent Children, Last Order, as well as artworks by Yubinbasya had been in my head for a while, but it wasn't until I came across the Yaoi Dream Puppets MEP forum thread that I decided to go for it. So like the ecstatic little fangirl I am, I signed up, but originally using It's All Coming Back to Me Now by Meatloaf ft Marion Raven. That idea didn't pan out, completely lost my spark for editing to that song. Stayed up one night until 3am editing to Forgiven, and I love the result considerably better than the previous song choice.

    I wanted to make a video that showed how much love that could've potentially been between the two characters, unspoken or not. The overal theme of the segment was, as you can guess from the song choice, forgiveness. On one side is Cloud, living in mental anguish not knowing whether the one he loves will ever forgive him for not being strong enough to save him. On the other side, Zack watches over Cloud in hopes that he too will be forgiven for leaving.

    Bonus cookie for anyone who can come up with a better summary than that. I love the couple, but explaining myself? Naw.


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