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  • Member: Jasta85
  • Title: Claymore: Awakening
  • Premiered: 2007-10-20
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    • Nanne Grönvall Håll Om Mig
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  • Comments: I have been a fan of the claymore anime and manga for a while. The anime is a pretty good presentation of the manga but unforunately it has ended prematurely with a rather jury rigged ending since the manga is still ongoing. But while it lasted i did enjoy the anime. This amv of mine is deeply story based, and while the plot is similar to the one in the series there are a few key differences. Hopefully you'll be able to grasp what is happening after viewing it once or twice, people who have seen or read the series should understand pretty easily what is going on, even with the differences i added.

    Unfortunately i didnt have dvd footage when making this as i completed this just as the series was finishing (therefore i was adding in episodes that had just been aired a day or so earlier). I used a ton of filters and while it may not be perfect there is a huge improvement in quality over what i started with, beleieve it or not. I'm quite proud of my work on it.

    Anyway, i liked making this amv and am currently working on a second claymore amv, hope you enjoy it.

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