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  • Member: jt_x
  • Studio: Strike Man's Animation Studio
  • Title: As my eyes became white
  • Premiered: 2007-10-17
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  • Songs:
    • System of a Down Chop Suey
    • System of a Down Roulette
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  • Comments: Update 7/27/2008: uploaded video to ftp server.

    well i really like the song, so i decided to make an AMV with it.

    i have seen a lot amvs with this song, but i liked none of em so thats why i made this amv.

    basically the story focuses on the end of the uchiha clan.


    My AMV begins where sasuke meets Itachi again after his clan has been killed. Itachi uses his eyes to bring Sasuke back to where he killed everyone, to make him feel hatred, basically my amv is in the past the whole time, but i haven't used any effects to show that. The title "as my eyes became white"
    is some kind of a metapher cause sasuke felt empty and hollow after his clan was killed. i actually showed that his eyes became white with some masking.

    well somtimes i had a hard time finding scenes wich fitted to the lyrics of the song, but i think the song is kinda hard and not that good for amvs

    well i tried some new things in this one. I've never tried animated masking before (but oh well it doesn't look that good)

    I've won a forum amv battle with this one.

    if you can't watch the video rather download the vlc media player or go to ->
    and downlaod a decoder. Than you can watch it with WMP too.

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