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  • Member: Aneino_Kaijin
  • Studio: Doroganno Meiun
  • Title: All in his Mind
  • Premiered: 2003-03-12
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  • Song:
    • Village People Machoman
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Ahhh, this video is dedicated to one of my very favorite anime guys (though no, not to look at), Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho. I initially went through about a dozen songs trying to fit one to him, but none seemed right. Then I was in the car driving to my parents' house for Thanksgiving and Macho Man came on the radio. There it was!

    I'll warn off the bad, there are flapping lips without words all over the place, but I loved the clips too much not to use them. The goal was to present him the way the show does... someone who tries really hard to "Be a man" but fails pretty often all things considered.

    The quality's pretty bad, but this was actually made a while back. I always meant to get back to redo it now that I have better methods and the whole series, but recently decided that was never going to happen. Still, I hope people enjoy it!

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