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  • Member: -kari-
  • Studio: -|Next Twilight Studios|-
  • Title: VG4 Project - MoonWalker Parody
  • Premiered: 2007-09-21
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  • Song:
    • Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal
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  • Comments: My little contribution to the VG4 project, headed by Caster Troy. It premiered at AWA 2007.

    Some thoughts: For you lucky people who haven't played or heard of "MoonWalker" (aka "Michael Jackson's MoonWalker"), consider yourselves fortunate. Obviously the game designers didn't have the benefit of hindsight when they concocted this 1990 game for the SNES/Atari, because the premise places the player (YOU) as Michael Jackson as he treks through levels based on his best-known music videos of the time (Beat It, Bad, Smooth Criminal, etc) in order to save...

    ...young children. Yes, that is the premise of this game. Your hat becomes an invaluable tool for mass death and destruction as you save blonde, nightgown-clad, gender-ambiguous children from the clutches of Mr. Big. There's a secret mode where you can turn into a mecha-robot-car. Awesome, y/y?

    Because the music in the game itself is pretty lackluster (basically super-oldschool midi style), Caster allowed me to use an original MJ tune. As someone who hadn't listen to much Michael Jackson before, I was fairly surprised at how catchy his music is.

    Many thanks to Caster for putting up with my constant questions and for allowing me to be a part of this project!

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