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  • Member: [Mike of the Desert]
  • Studio: TwinLight Studios
  • Title: Birth of a Deathberry - Soul Society
  • Premiered: 2007-10-07
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    • The Two Towers Requiem for a Dream
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    Why this Video?

    I made this video to convince some friends to follow this (amazing, In my opinion) anime.
    So.. It's not what I was planning to do as my next video, indeed my true 'big' project is still under work. (You can follow my journal) But... Here it is, a -Non/Planned- video done in 4 weeks. (More or less)

    Main Comments:

    So.. What's exactly this Amv? Why should you dowload it?
    In top of all, I think that you should seriously give it a chance, First because it's a trailer (a Long one, though, > 4 minutes), and trailers are always a fun view, and being this one about the first Series of this Anime, It can surely be interesting, trust me.

    I personally really like how the second part turned out (And well, lol, the first one, like anime's, is a little slow, ahaha). This Video borned to make curious anyone who even doesn't know the Anime, and to keep it interesting to anyone that began the 'boring' first part.

    The matter about spoilers is quite complex in my Editing this time: this video completely tell the story of the first series, ending at the major spoiler of it (Without -of course- showing it), so it shows everything.. But nothing. There are clips, charachters.. Mysterious sentences.. Everything is edited to show something without letting know anything about it. ;) That was my objective.

    Second, I've tried to make it the most 'mysterious' and interesting possible, costantly following Bleach's Style (Especially the Fonts/Colors I used, that are taken from the manga). Now, writing two lines about technical stuff..

    Tech Stuff - Editing/Etc

    Editing this video is been a pain in the ass.. In the planning.
    Video Effects are almost only Shine After Effects' ones, Opacities, Text colors and some transitions. The main thing that took out all my effort is been the choice of clips, how fuse them with each other keeping the Trailer interesting and what exactly write on screen, when, by which charachter and how. If you'll take a look at it, you'll get what I'm saying. ;)
    About compression.. ->

    The video is .mp4, so you'll need the right codecs to view it,
    it's the best format out there in my opinion, so from now on I'll be sure to use it.

    I have the Idea of do One Trailer for each Series, so..
    When the 2nd will be completed, I'll probably do one about it. ;)
    Always with the same style and objectives.

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