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  • Title: So Beautiful
  • Premiered: 2007-10-07
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    • Imogen Heap Can't Take it In
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    When I 1st heard this song I wanted to make a video out of it, however this was originally going to be a multi-anime video beacuse I'v been wanting to make one for awhile now, while getting my footage from my CCS DVDs I started to see the video form with this series and I also wanted to make atleast one card captor sakura video this year(not counting the "awwwraid" video....that was spur of the moment and I already had the footage at hand) So pushing the multi-anime idea aside for another song I stated working on this when I moved into my new apratment at the start of Sept.
    This turned out to be harder then I thought it would at some points, but I am very happy how this video turned out and I believe the title I chose for this video sutes its well. So after many sleepless nights(I seem to be only able to edit this at night) I finished this around 3 am almost an month later and I'm very happy with the result.

    There is a hint of Sakura&Syaoran in this video but I was mostly just following the lryics so I'm not going to put this down in the "Romance" category since this is more on the "Sentimental" side. Also I am putting that this has "Digital Effects" beacuse according to the org digital effects is any effects used that is not a crossfade at any point of the video, while this doesn't have many it does have some digital effects so I'm making a note that their there.

    Card Captor Sakura has been my favorite anime since I 1st saw it during Saturday morning cartoons on WBkids(now the CW) as "Cardcaptors" at the age of 11, it was the only reason I woke up early on a Saturday and even though I saw the eng dub 1st I still liked it, and when I finally learned of the original I just like it even more, even the 1st AMV I was able to see was a Card Captor Sakura video. Anyway I hope that I was able to express that through this AMV. I know people are ether going to like it or not due to my editing style and I'm ready to hear those comments, so comments and opinons are walcome. I just hope you can see this anime the way I do with this video. So I'm not going to explain the story I want you to see it for yourself.

    Also watch their expressions on their faces and in their eyes more then their actions

    WC Annihilus
    for being awesome beta-testers^^

    Can't close my eyes
    They're wide awake
    Every hair on my body
    has got a thing for this place
    Oh empty my heart
    I've got to make room for this feeling
    so much bigger than me

    It couldn't be any more beautiful - I can't take it in.

    Weightless in love...unraveling
    For all that's to come
    and all that's ever been
    We're back to the board
    with every shade under the sun
    Let's make it a good one

    It couldn't be any more beautiful x2 - I can't take it in x3

    It couldn't be any more beautiful x2 - I can't take it in.

    All that I wanted. All that I ever needed.
    All that I wanted. So beautiful.

    The song that plays in the beginning I do not know what it's called are who made it but it came with my editor and I liked it so I used it, the song at the end is the ending song to the 1st Card Captor Sakura Movie "Tooi Kono Machi de", the 1st song I ever heard in Japanese and one of my favorites.

    Enjoy the AMV!

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