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  • Member: taigafaeri
  • Studio: BumbleBee Studios
  • Title: The End of the Admirers
  • Premiered: 2007-10-05
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    • John Williams Duel of the Fates
    • John Williams Star Wars Theme
    • The Dixie Cups Chapel of Love
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  • Comments: Well, It happened...I knew it would...but I was still taken off guard and it has yet to sink in...Kelly got Married! OhMyGoodness!
    This only means that the Chicken Dance of Admirers Series must now close, simply because She can no longer have a line of admirer's wanting to marry her...she already is taken!
    And So I created this last and final installment of my crazy comedy portraying the over-zealous efforts of the many many males that simply adored my dear friend Kelly, to bring what started over two years ago as a gag-gift to full-circle.
    Kelly is represented by Tohru from Fruits Basket in all three episodes, to keep things easy to follow, and any other character is just one of many possible representations of the countless guys chasing after Kelly's affection.
    With the Exception of Tohru's friends Saki Hanajima and Arisa Uotani who represent Myself and Jaime (Kelly and Mine's mutual best friend)...that's right I make an appearance in this vid too XD

    Kelly Happens to love Chickens...don't' ask me why...I can't recall...she's spontaneous like that, and So that is why this is the ~Chicken Dance~ of Admirers
    I like Star Wars....and Kelly is the one who Introduced me to Thumb Wars, and so that is why there is a Star Wars Spoof going on as well. That and it's just funny XD

    I'll stop prattling on about nothing now and let you decide for yourself if it's funny ;)

    The Subtitles (put there intentionally to advance the comedy and story) go by EXTREMELY fast....therefore if you want to know what the heck is going on beyond just crazy scenes synched to chicken'll have to watch it again and be prepared to press the pause button ;P
    I'm mean like that yes. >P

    Dont' forget to watch all 3 episodes! it's better that way! ^_^

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