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  • Member: Ashyukun
  • Studio: Electric Leech Productions
  • Title: Party Like It's 2032
  • Premiered: 2007-09-21
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    • Pink Get The Party Started
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  • Comments: 'Party Like It's 2035', my AWA Pro 2007 entry, holds the somewhat dubious honor of being the video of mine with the longest time from inception to completion and release- at least among the completed ones.... there are one or two that if re-started (largely from scratch) would have it beat- but that's highly unlikely. This video was originally conceived back before I really got back into editing, somewhere between summer 2001 and summer 2002- I honestly don't remember exactly when, just where I was living at the time. It was more likely toward the earlier spectrum of that though. I hadn't seriously edited since around 1997, when school had gotten to be too much of a time-sink to be able to find the time to really edit- and now that I was more settled down and had a lot more free time, I was looking to start doing it again. However, I didn't have all the proper tools at the time, and after playing with the concept for a short while dropped it.

    Fast-forward about 4 years to last spring, and my trying to come up with something to make for Otakon or AWA Pro. After some thinking, I remembered about this video concept- and since I had the scripts from making BGC: Streets of Fire, the prep-time would be far less than a normal from-scratch video. So, I set about making it. And got about... halfway through before completely losing steam, and eventually putting together 'Cliff's Notes on the Oft-Forgotten Ghibli' instead for Pro 2006. However, since I had gotten a good amount done on it, I didn't delete the files and work from it. So, another year or so goes by, and I'm going through what's on my computer to do some cleaning and come across the files for it- and start playing with it again. I borrowed the newer versions of the DVDs with much better-looking footage on them from a friend (thanks Darius!) and was able to work it such that I didn't have to re-do everything, and some 6-5 years after first trying to lay down footage for the video, I finished it up.

    PLI2035 is at its heart an old-school video- it has the unique distinction among my ELP-era videos of being just about (if not) the only one that didn't involve my touching After Effects at all in its creation. What little masking that was needed for lip-syncing was done in Premiere, and even my standard video bug was done in Photoshop instead of AE for once. It also helped that it didn't require any text. It could almost have been made with 2 VCRs- though the speed-manipulation in it at times would have meant a lot of things would have to have been done very differently and the end 'fast rewind' would have been much harder to time right.

    It wasn't really intentional that Linna get somewhat shafted as far as footage goes... but I won't deny that she's not my favorite BGC character. It was just that none of the verses really lent themselves to using her for them. Those who know me would probably be unsurprised to learn that I initially got the idea for the source pairing from the 'I'll be your operator' line, given Nene is my favorite character, and she's and ADP Operator. As such, I'm generally most happy with Nene's section of the video- the 'everybody's dancing and they're dancing for me' section of edits brings a big smile to my face every time I watch it- it just ended up so very perfect in my opinion. This video (like 'Unlikely Star') fits very well into my current attitude on making videos- if I'm going to make something, I'm going to do it for fun and make something that I really enjoy, everything else be damned. This has the (arguably) unfortunate effect of making my videos even less likely to win awards- but I've been doing this long enough that if I'm not enjoying it, there's really no point to it even if it were to win an award.

    Contrary to the previous statement though, this video did win something of an award- Tim Park (dokidoki) gave it his 'Priss Rocks Almost As Much as Electric Leeches" VAT award at AWA 2007.


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