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  • Member: AceMan
  • Title: The Call
  • Premiered: 2007-10-01
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    • Kb Candytron
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    Whew, I managed to finish it in this year :) I had planned not to start editing this project until 2008, but I had realized that there would be too large time gap, so I decided to make it earlier ;]

    The main purpose of this vid is to tell the story - the story mostly based on used anime's plot, but modified a little by me.

    Some facts

    I wanted to make an AMV to this tune for a long time, 'cause... it has great beat samples :D I thought it would be great to see scenes changing to these sounds ;]
    I'd like to thank the author of this song, Tammo "kb" Hinrichs of Farbraush demoscene group, for letting me use it in my vid. The tune was originally written for "Candytron" demo.
    While thinking about the main motive, I noticed that "Candytron" has also good lyrics :) And everything became clear...

    At first, the role of a girl trapped in another world was assigned to the main character of "Serial Experiments Lain". But then I discovered "Haibane Renmei" and that the lyrics almost perfectly fits to its awesome story.
    So I began editing a little modified plot, which I hope is understandable even for those of you who haven't seen both used series.

    And so, we have a young man. His job is to decode audio/video transmissions. One day, he gets an unusual material - it turns out to be a message, a record of events which took place... once... somewhere. And he doesn't even suppose that this message will change his life...

    - in big summary, it goes just like that. I'd like to say that practically no scene is there by accident. Each one has its meaning, sometimes quite clear, sometimes hidden. Some motives can be interpreted in many ways.
    If you really are curious "what the author wanted to say" or why something is like that and not like that - I can even describe and explain every scene to you ;P

    Some technical aspects

    As always, I made this vid in Premiere 6.5 and Photoshop CS2. Only the audio spectrums are done in AE, except the one during the "escape" moment - it is a recorded XMPlay plugin made by Leo.S.
    Apart from two main series, I also used one scene from "Night Shift Nurses" (although quite modified). Guess which one is it... :P

    Comparing to the duration, the filesize is large. It is because of many dither/grain effects which require a lot of bits to look good, even using H264 codec.

    I was quite surprised that editing of this AMV was pure fun ;) It's a nice change after my previous "Beyond the Clouds" video.
    Well, maybe except the exporting. Premiere has been crashing at least two times per 10 minutes :[ I had to render it many times to many small parts, even 50 frames each, and then combine them into one... Massacre.

    And of course I include the full lyrics written by kb/farbraush:

    come for me
    touch my skin
    feel my pain
    deep inside me

    i'm in a place i don't belong
    caught in this cage i sing my song

    she wants to be more than she is now
    she's josie, she's josie
    she wants to be more than she is now
    i'm so aloooooone

    she wants to be more than she is now
    she's josie, she's josie
    she wants to be more than she is now
    she's josie.

    (robot voices:
    'warning! subject is trying to break out'
    'begin countermeasures immediately.'
    'confirmed. chance of success: twenty percent.')

    find me
    i'm down here
    for you to come
    so come for me
    take on me
    touch my skin
    be the one to rescue me

    (reprise: caught in this cage i sing my song)

    ...or then, maybe i'm just making this up and she's actually singing inf's
    recipe for chocolate chip cookies. decide for yourself.

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