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  • Member: prYzm
  • Title: Random Brutality
  • Premiered: 2007-10-07
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    • Rob Zombie Scum Of The Earth
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  • Comments: my 6th amv

    generally the idea behind this one was to show some of the darker side of the characters in elfen lied. its focused around lucy, nana, bondo and thirtythree(yeh i know its not a proper name). while i know its obviously not the best amv im still happy cause im improving.

    a few things to note that might be more subtle - the montage starts with lucy being happy and slowly degenrates into her being. well. pissed off
    the other major issue i had, i was worried about having excess violence and nudity, so u will find that the only nude scenes are either from behind or i have generally edited out gender features (not completly but enough imo).

    that said, hope you enjoy the amv

    programs used:
    adobe photoshop
    vegas 6.0d
    paint (zomg its paint)

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