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  • Member: prYzm
  • Title: Broken Lives and Broken Hearts
  • Premiered: 2007-09-29
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  • Songs:
    • FFX-2 1000 Words
    • The Proclaimers (I would walk) 500 Miles
    • Vanessa Carlton A Thousand Miles
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  • Comments: Ive made a few AMV's in the past this is my 5th such creation. its the first one i actually 'liked' and thought was good. I did it to the anime Rah-Xephon and its based around the ayato-Haruka romance, however i put a twist in there that doesnt actually occur anywhere in the series or the motion picture.

    The original idea behind making the AMV was to create a Rah-Xephon AMV WITHOUT using that scene of ayato running in slow-mo where u can see his head in the background (if u have watched rah-xephon amv's u know what im talking about). it just evolved from there.
    if u pay attention since i use three songs the first song with a male singer is done mostly from ayato's perspective and the last two which have female singers are done mostly from haruka's.

    hope you enjoy it =D

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