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  • Member: Rubychik09
  • Studio: Anime En'en Studios
  • Title: [Naruto] Above and Beyond
  • Premiered: 2007-00-00
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    • Ayumi Hamasaki M - Above and Beyond Remix
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  • Comments: Definitely my first Naruto AMV, or one of my older ones.

    The editing is a bit choppy but i made this a while back, before I had totally figured out the editing mechanics of what I have to work with (Windows Movie Maker). At the time that I made this I did not, I believe, have as many clips as I do now. It was very limited. ^.^;;

    I tried to keep the movements of the characters up to speed with the music, or at least keep the clips "in sync" with the music's beat, rhythm, and (of course) the words.

    I tried to focus this video on how all of the shinobi (ninja) went "above and beyond" the expectations of what everyone thought they could and would do - about how well they have done.

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